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the 49ers are back after a tough super bowl loss. fans lined up at the tarmac to welcome the team home. the 9ers then boarded buses for trip to 49ers head quarters. kpix reporter linda employee was there. >> reporter: you see behind me just a few fans have left because most of the players have left. judging by the reception they got, it is as if the 9ers won the super bowl. >> meet the real 49ers faithful waiting for hours just to cheer and welcome the team home. happy to see them even after such a heart break loss. >> i was crushed last night. but you know what, they left everything they had out there on the field. they played for 60 minutes and they did their best. >> never over. never over. 36549ers faithful. >> for life. >> we live and breathe 49ers.
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>> fans get limited access to the guys. just wave and sometimes one stops and give an autograph. leave it to coach harbaugh. he thrilled the crowd when he wallly did stop. it was chaos for a few seconds as he signed autographs. >> anything you want to say? >> thank you very much. yeah. it was a great run. thanks for all the support. >> but some of the loudest cheers were for colin kaepernick. maybe they did come up short in the super bowl, but to these fans they are still the hometown heroes. >> i am proud of this team. they put up a good fight. they gave us a heck of a season. >> so, colin kaepernick, forget about yesterday's loss. >> a new starts the new season starts today. >> and dream about super bowl
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48. >> 49ers, next year [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: some of the reasons why some of these guys are sticking around, the players that are still left are likely to stop 6789 i was able to talk to the safety goldson. he said he is so grateful to the fans but he really wishes he could have brought back a trophy. liz, they are going to be back. >> absolutely. great season and a great season to come. linda, thank you. some 49ers fans in new orleans still proudly displayed their support for the team at the airport today. armstrong international was full of football fans catching their flights back home. >> it was a great game. glad we came back. they fought back. we're just going to try again next year. >> airport officials expected to see 40,000 travelers passing through today. super bowl loss seemed to sour the mood across the bay
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aread to. john ramos shows us how fans are dealing with a bit of depression. >> at the public market workers gathered to eat lunch. friday this place was a sea of red and gold. today there was one guy with a hat. >> very tough. >> the 9ers came up short in their quest for immorality and that's got bay area feeling a little gloomy. there are reports of lower productivity. burr mostly people are just bummed. >> 49ers fans were kind of depressed. there were others who were just gloating over it. >> guys like john fortenberry, a raiders fan who tried to chore his coworkers up today with a big ray lewis dance. >> you're used to losing because you are a raiders fan. what advice do you have for everybody? >> i did noon the 49ers to go 6-
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0 in super bowl. >> and what a difference five yards has made for graphic sportswear in san francisco. if the 9ers had won this place would be on a 24-hour shift printing 40,000 t-shirts. instead, they only have a souvenir for the office. sometimes they used to preprint and do mate the losers to third world countries, but the nfl put a stop to that. >> they were showing up on national geographic, people wearing super bowl champion shirts of people that didn't win. they thought it was a bad look. >> finally, this man isn't wearing his beloved 49ers cap because of the bet he lost with his boss. >> a bet is a bet. i'll burning his hat >> i'm just mad i have to burn my hat. i'm not down about them losing because we're going to do it again next year. >> which brings up a good point. the ravens were celebrating the end of something while 9ers fans feel this is just the
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beginning. john ramos, kpix 5. authorities in nevada say they won't charge romo for a confrontation at the las vegas airport. the san francisco giants pitcher was detained new year's day after police say he got aggressive with tsa agents. police also say he refused to back down when police arrived. romo was key in the giants' run to their second world series title in three years. a violent crash has claimed the life of a woman in oakland. two cars collided. it was about 11:30 this morning. the force of the impact flipped one of those cars over. the other car was crushed. the driver of the second car was not seriously hurt, we are told. berkeley police are searching for suspects if the city's first homicide of the year. police found the shooting victim on the street this morning. he later died at the hospital. investigators are talking to witnesses who might have seen
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the shooters. in san jose police say gang violence may be to blame for the city's fourth homicide of the year. officers found two men shot last night. one maunded. the other is expected to survive -- man died. the other is expected to survive. so far, no arrest. firefighters traced a fire to a grill that might have been used during the 49ers game. with the beginning of the end of a massive construction project more than a decade in the making. tonight kpix's ken bastida where the count down is on. ken. >> reporter: you can see they are counting down to the september 3rd labor day weekend when a big opening day celebration is being planned for the new deck of the bay bridge. last night we were up on the bridge in an historic first television broadcast from the
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bridge. we were joined up there by the governor jerry brown who actually hit the switch there and started the clock ticking down to the big celebration. i asked the governor, what would you like to see on that labor day weekend. >> in terms of celebration, what would you like to see? >> we're going to have bicycling, running, walking. i don't know how many, hundreds of thousands of people. look, it was big in 1936 during the depression. it ought to be just as big this time. >> reporter: the nonprofit group bay bridge alliance, we are their media partners. you will know them, they are the ones who organized and put on the giants world series celebration at city hall. so, the governor says this is what they are kicking reasoned.
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a bridge walk about 150,000 people being allowed on the bridge. they are also talking about a bike race, a marathon, an air sea show and a concert with a big fireworks display. no public funding will be used by order of the governor's office. they are going to get the money from the bridge toll folks to kick in for public safety. a lot of this will be funded by the public. mainly private donations coming in. a lot being planned right now. allen, it won't take that long. what is it, 210 days. >> we waited this long, right. >> reporter: you got it. what's another seven months after a decade. >> nothing. thank you, ken. you can watch all the stories from our special that we broadcast last night include
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kcbs's stan monger's walk. it is under quick links on convincing companies to lead california. coming up, how one state is getting more aggressive. try to get our businesses to move away. plus, when candle stick will go out with a bang. what will be built in place of that park. now, the 60s are gone. one thing is safe. that radar looks dry. there is a rain chance coming up. dry tonight in san jose. your forecast for the next seven days, coming up in about seven minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ ♪ and now... ♪ ♪
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from california. and it's using a texas-sized ad campaign to attract attention. cbs reporter ian schwartz shows us who's behind the effort. the 49ers will kick off their final season at candlestick park
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this fall. but it's not just the end of an era for the team. kpix 5 reporter phil matier e stick is the 49ers will kickoff their final season at candle stick park this fall, be not just the end of an era for the team. kpix reporter bill matier telling us the stick going out with a bang. candle stick dynamite i excess. >> reporter: yes. and it will be -- i guess. >> reporter: yes. a piece of the bay area history will change >> after more than 50 years,
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san pan's legendary candle stick park -- san francisco's candle stick park will be imploded, much like the former home of the dallas cowboys was demolished two years ago. >> yes. candle stick has out lived its useful life. >> developers plan to build new shopping malls and condose. >> no one wants a vacant stadium. it is probably a nuisance nobody wants. >> the stick was home to some of the most memorable 49er moments. in 1989, the earthquake struck in the middle of the giants and a's world series. in 1966 it was also the site of the beatles last big commercial concert. lately, the lights went down in the middle of a televised
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monday night football game. still, the old stick still holds a warm spot in people's hearts. >> fans will be sad to see it go. a lot of memories there. >> a memory which could last forever. i love candle stick. >> any chance we're going to be auctioning off pieces of it? can you buy a seat? >> i am sure owe will end up doing something for people so that they can have a little piece of candle stick with them for all those die-hard 9er fans. >> reporter: one seat you might not want, allen, is the weather. it is still cold out here in typical stick style. >> still aville piece of property you're standing -- a valuable piece of property. >> reporter: it is. and it is going to be turned into a shopping center. the orangal deal they were going to put a shopping center here. it has changed. the shopping center is here. the stick is going way down
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there. >> phil matier. thanks. oracle's racing yacht back on the san francisco bay. it launched three months after it capsized during a race and suffered serious damage. the newly repaired yacht will race in the america's cup this september. >> the competition where the defender of the cup from san francisco. we are going to do our best to put on a good show for everyone around here. this is the first of two built by oracle. the second one expected to launch in the spring. sort of a gloomy day out today on the bay. >> it was. >> looks cloudy. >> reporter: this was summeresq. you were cloudy and foggy for much of the day today. it is only february.
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a peek outside right now. we're talking about temperatures today. look at livermore. 65. even napa made it into the low 60s. much cooler. san francisco 56. hayward, 55. i have to show you the radar. adding up the numbers in my mind. 31069 past 6 day -- 31 of the past 36 days have been come petely rain free. there are some changes. the first change we gotted to -- today was that on shore flow. low pressure winding up and moving counterclockwise. temperatures drop. that is why many of you on the coastline stayed mainly cloudy and/or foggy today. we have a front to our north
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and west. high pressure has given way to that on shore flow so we stay dry for the neck couple days -- next couple days. then hear comes the front -- here comes the front. on thursday we will get showers. thursday and friday looking a little bit soggy. foggy to start at the coastline tomorrow. showers moving in on thursday. tomorrow is only tuesday. hear are your highs. -- here are your highs. san jose 58. vallejo 56. tomorrow, sunny. right now if you are making plans for next weekend, why not. upper 50s, low 60s with mainly sunny skies. we have to deal with 60 degrees and sunshine instead of 65. >> the problems we have in
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northern california. >> they are nonstop. i am don ford, going deep inside the mines of california. where you ask? i'll have that story, coming up.
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meaning, it's no longer moving downhill. experts think this might be because of global warming. the lyell glacier has thinned out considerably over the last hundred years -- about 60 percent of its size. meanwhile... the maclure glacier... continues to move at a historical rate of about 1 inch per day, despite losing about 60% of its size. ground zero for california's gold rush, is ma a glacier don'ts to move about one inch per day despite losing about 60% of its size. ground zero for california's gold rush is making a 20th century comeback. not just because of the high price of cold. kpix's report r. don ford shows us -- reporter don ford shows us how new technology is bringing a mine back to life.
6:22 pm
>> the mother load is back in business. at least here modern day gold miners are hoping to extract hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold. the mines didn't run out of gold, but they were ordered shut to support war efforts. using new technology they hope to revive a mining district. at its prime the area was for fortune hunters. today, a woman runs the show. >> this is not gold rush. this is the real thing. it's a business. >> miners site as history. >> it is kind of interesting to be working in a main in the original strike and progressively making it happen all over again.
6:23 pm
>> this time they use digital maps to find the gold buried. hundreds of drill points on a 3d map turning up real gold like this. it runs dean long. this one is nearly a half mile underground. this geologist says it is easy to see. like this one over 3 feet wide. >> this is what we're looking for. gold gets removed by gravity and chemical separation. the product is a bar of gold. >> this is an explosives expert. he is living a childhood dream. >> a gold miner, when i was young i got in trouble dig holes in the backyard. >> fire in the hole. fire in the hole. >> deep in the mine, sometimes the old fashioned way simply
6:24 pm
works best. >> reporter: in the lincoln mine, don ford, cbs 5. coming up, preventing a power outage like the one they had at the super bowl. fans won't be left in the dark at the new 49ers stadium. and, the dramatic and deadly conclusion of a week long standoff involving an abducted 5-year-old boy. why eighth graders are getting a break when it comes to one of the top subjects.
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the super bowl was all about the "b's." baltimore, beyonce, a now at 6:30, you might say the super bowl was all about the b's. baltimore, beyonce and a big blackout. while all three are getting a lot of air time today, it is the blackout part that is getting a lot of attention back in the bay area. kpix 5's elissa harrington talks about the same thing happening when super bowl 48 comes to town. >> a comeback almost won the 49ers a game. a destiny's child half time
6:28 pm
show reunion and unexpected ads that had us laughing and cringing. perhaps the best surprise -- biggest surprise is the power outage. officials say the power system shut down affecting about half the superdome. the 49ers have been in the dark before. the same sort of thing happened at candle stick park back in 2011 during a monday night football game. a wire that carries the stadium's power broke and the backup system broke. they say these problems should not follow the team to their new stadium because there is more than one power station there. >> two exterior power stations providing energy at my given time to the stadium. there's automatic transfer systems that if the power were to go out, they are almost
6:29 pm
instantaneous. >> the stadium is partnering with nrg, a sustainable energy company providing more backup. >> we feel highly confident that what happened in new orleans could never happen here. >> reporter: the city of new orleans has already expressed interest in hosting the super bowl in 2018. in san rosa, elissa harrington, kpix 5. blackout or not, plenty of fans did tune in for super bowl 47. it was the third most watched program in u.s. television history beaten only by the giants-patriots super bowl last year and the steelers-cardinals game in 2010. it was also a big night for social media. twitter had 24.1 million posts. there were a handful of problems after the game.
6:30 pm
police reported 25 arrests scattered around san francisco caused by minor scuffles, someone trying to start a fire. police say all in all, the fight was pretty low key. about the same number of arrest, but a different reaction in baltimore. fans clogged streets, stopped traffic and in one case tried to tip over a car. there was some minor damage, vandalism and one report of looting. an alabama kindergartener held for a week is safe tonight. the accused murder who kidnapped him is dead. cbs reporter marly hall on what prompted agents to finally make their move. >> law enforcement officials shook hands and patted each other on the back shortly after the week-long hostage standoff. jimmy lee dikes, the suspected gunman is dead. his 5-year-old captive is safe. >> within the past 24 hours,
6:31 pm
negotiations deteriorated and mr. dikes was observed holding a gun. >> authorities said they couldn't wait any longer. >> at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the dunker and rescued the child -- bunker and rescued the child. >> sources say police created sol kind of diversion and quickly move -- some kind of diversion and moved in. dike entered a school bus, shot the driver dead and kidnapped the boy. they were talking with police and receiving food and medicine through a ventilation pipe. >> the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. >> authorities have not released further details. marly hall for cbs news midland city alabama. new details tonight about the deadly bus crash east of los angeles. tonight we learn the bus was
6:32 pm
operated by a california company with safety violations. cbs reporter on what investigators are finding at the scene of the accident. >> reporter: this afternoon the last body was removed. on the way home from a day trip seven people died. 38 were injured. some of them, children. investigators say the driver of the bus lost control on his way downhill striking the back of a sedan in front of the bus. >> at which point the bus continued out of control downhill. >> as a result of that collision the bus overturned. several passengers were ejected. >> c h p and other investigators are yet to determine what caused the crash. the bus belongs to a tour company out of east san diego county. according to the department of transportation the bus has had no crashes in the past two
6:33 pm
years. but in that same 24-month period it had 30 maintenance violations including citations for brake, tire and fuel tank problems resulting in a grade of 75.2% putting it on the department's watch list. the driver had been driving for more than three decades. he thinks the driver may have had his brakes go out. >> it is a steeper grade coming down. so, if he used his brakes up then, he will not have any brakes to slow down when the curves start. >> reporter: part of what has made this investigation so time consuming is the bus came to rest on top of a ditch so it doesn't stable. investigators had to wait hours to get on board. chp investigators say the bus appears to have been going to speed limit. we do know that children were on the bus. we do not know if they are among the dead. investigators have not released
6:34 pm
the identities of those involved. i am christine lazar kpix 5. a decorated former marine suspected of killing a former navy seal is on suicide watch. he is charged with killing littlefield and kyle. the shooting happened saturday at a gun range outside fort worth, texas. kyle was a former navy seal and author of the book american sniper. he leaves behind a wife and two children. president obama took his campaign to curve gun violence on the road today. his push for a new ban on assault weapons and high capacity assault weapons is meeting opposition even within his own party. >> we don't have to agree observed everything to agree it's time to do something. there won't be perfect solutions, but we can make difference.
6:35 pm
that's our responsibility as american -- difference. that's our responsibility as americans. >> this photo was just released of the president back up his recent statement that he is familiar with fire arms and not an enemy of the second amendment. california with a require for students across the state. still ahead, what eighth graders won't have to take to school phil matier. how this solves a mystery that is more than 500 years old.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
for 8th- graders, at least. graders, anyway. it's part of a move toward what's called the "common core california is dropping algebra for eighth graders. it is part of what they call common core curriculum. most states have adopted it. the change eliminates the current requirement for 8th graders to take algebra i. here is a new site at doctors offices. doctors are turning to robots to be at more than one place at
6:38 pm
a time. mds have started using robots to check on their patients. a camera mounted on the doctor's computer sends a live picture of doctors to patients and doctors use a joy stick to control the robot's movement. >> right now we have tremendous delays in our health care delivery, largely because we don't have enough positions in enough locations. this can really revolutionize the distribution of patients to physicians. >> doctors can also control the robots from home and use them to visit patients at different hospitals. some even in other kris. scientist -- countries. scientists have found the bones of king richard iii. the hundred-year-old battle scarred skeleton was discovered last year but scientists say
6:39 pm
dna test now prove the bones belong to the country's most vilified monarch. he died in battle in 1485 and is remembered for many things including the death of his nephews . coming up, the super bowl ads that are getting the most attention. some of you have not seen significant rainfall since christmas day. it's february. when are we going to see some showers around here. weather is next. john harbaugh explains the worst part of winning the super bowl and joe flaco explains why he never wants to play against the 49ers again. that's coming up in sports.
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one of the state's biggest gasoline sellers is accused of safety and environmental violations tonight. california's attorney general filed suit today against arco
6:43 pm
and its parent company bp. the suit charges that since 2006 arco has not been maintaining the underground gas tanks and improperly disposing of hazardous waste. bp officials had know comment. if you have filled your tank recently, you have noticed gas prices are rising. average retail gasoline prices in san francisco have risen almost 19 cents in the past week. right now a gallon of regular unleaded will cost about $3.89. analyst say you are probably going to see gas prices continue to rise. anyone who watched last night's super bowl noticed the commercials also provided a great deal of entertainment. kpix's julie watts with some of the winning and losing ads. >> that is why i come.
6:44 pm
>> for some it is the reason they came >> i'm only here for the game. >> for others, they are simply a distraction. >> ask any party goer what makes a great super bowl and you will likely get a similar answer for the ads. >> funny. >> funny. >> no surprise, the funny ads were the winners. in addition we 308ed fans tracking -- polled fans tracking their favorite ads. the big winners were also some of the favorites on line with doritos and that's we are young also on twitter. the taco bell commercial was also one of many the forego the $4,000,000.30 second spot in favor of the longer one or even two minute ads. both taco bell and doritos are in top spots. in addition to funny, there was plenty of sexy and some
6:45 pm
sentimental. budweiser getting social media buzz long before the big game by asking fans to help name the clydesdale colt. there was one type of commercial that down right frustrated some fans. >> 60 seconds for trying out loud. >> we know how long a minute is. >> those they have already seen. >> time for another commercial. >> i think that's stupid. >> the wig winners, the doritos princess dad, taco bell and the bud clydesdale, certainly the sentimental favorite. they were also among the top trending brands on social media. interestingly they all crowd sourced content leading up to the big game. julie watts, kpix 5. >> will we rub them in a year?
6:46 pm
that's the question. >> was there a super bowl yesterday? >> there are gone. >> hey, spring training a week from today. >> giants, world series champions. >> reporter: felt like winter today. we had the on shore flow backdropping the temperature about 5 to 10 degrees. downtown san francisco 49. you will lose 5 degrees going across the bay bridge to the west. concord, you are sitting at 51. radar is clear. you have heard that one a lot since christmas. i don't see much of a change until thursday. north bay, you got so much rain in november and december. now look what happened after christmas. all of january, first week of
6:47 pm
february, you have had less than one inch of rain. still well above normal for the year, but that is a big contrast. let's talk about tonight. going to be another chilly night. mountain view, 40. san rafael. north and west, a large area of low pressure. the high pressure is still there. we will still stay dry. with the on shore flow, we will have fog. temperatures will likely stay in the 50s for the next couple days. now we finally have a rain chance thursday through friday morning. likely less than a quarter of an inch. it will be something.
6:48 pm
it's coming up thursday. behind that, temperatures will drop even more down to the low to mid 50s. snow level there drop down to 2500 feet. a foggy start tomorrow. some showers move in by thursday and friday which will likely be the chilliest days of the week. 4degrees below normal for san jose. hayward 56. san ramon tomorrow 57. 50s for san rafael. sunny but still chilly on wednesday. scattered showers thursday and friday. for the weekend, you can get outside. maybe a light jacket. highs in the upper 50s saturday and sunday. that is your kpix 5 forecast. sports is coming up next.
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announcer: cbs tonight-- hawaii is going... (screaming) what kind of man kills a... ...cop in cold blood? re-creating a fan-favorite episode... hey! ...from the original hawaii five-o. you think he's going to kill again? the question is: how many people are on the list? with guest star peter weller. it's bang-bang time. kono: he's on the roof. i'm going to draw his fire. take the shot. go retro with the new hawaii five-o. exactly. cbs tonight. kaepernick have tried to run??? the forty niners will have all offseason second guessing thei fina was it pass interference? why didn't frank gore get the ball. should kaepernick have tried to run? the 49ers will spend all off season second guessing. jim harbaugh was furious with the officiating on the no-call on fourth and. go meanwhile, it was a
6:52 pm
bittersweet feeling for older brother john who won his first super bowl title. >> no, i don't think we will ever watch that game together. west we stood there on the field before the game and kind of came to the conclusion was that the only thing that would be worse is one of us wasn't there and the only thing that would be worse is if neither one of us was there. toughest moment is walking across the field. you can feel an incredible amount of elation with an incredible amount of devastation. those two feelings went hand in hand in that moment. i'm still feeling it. that's just reality. >> the reality is the 49ers came up four yards short from winning their record tying sixth lombardy trophy and are still one of the favorites to get back to the super bowl next year. >> we sat in the locker room everybody with their pads on saying what we could have did
6:53 pm
better. it was real tough to get down to the four yard line and not win the game. where do we go from here? just trying to get better, rebuild the team. we have a lot of free agents. we will see what happens. >> walker is one of five free agents with the 49ers. while he is still under contract, alex smith's future will also have to be addressed. speaking of free agents, you can bet joe flaco will take his time off. he threw no interceptions in the playoffs which earned him a detour on the way back to baltimore. >> joe flaco, you and the baltimore ravens just won the super bowl. what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disney world. >> flaco tapped off a great weekend for the 28-year-old who recently found out his wife is pregnant with the couple's second child. >> last year when we played the
6:54 pm
49ers it happened to work out this way. kind of a good luck thing. >> do you want to play the 49ers again now that it has worked? >> i don't know. i might have too many kids. my wife has done all that. two will be a little crazy. i don't know if i want to play them anymore. >> football season is over, but baseball is right around the corner. the a's have acquired lowry in a trade. carter is among the trio of a's heading to houston. you know you are a big deal when you have your name on your shoes. david lee named as a top player. >> we don't chase individual stuff but we will acknowledge it. he has been special for us. he's had a great week.
6:55 pm
it is another one that we chalk up and say job well done. the pg a makes its annual visits this week for the pro am. they have a tough act to follow. record crowds turned up in scottsdale for a very entertaining weekend. they bust out the gangnam style -- busted out the gangnam style. hahn is making his rookie debut at 31. former cal star got it down. they actually built that second tier to accommodate the fans. they actually moved the beer sales away from it. >> are you kidding? >> can't carry it to anywhere else. >> it is a lot of fun. >> looks like he practiced that victory move? >> what was that, liz? >> there you go. >> we have 30 seconds.
6:56 pm
>> he has a little something extra. >> just a little jig at the end. there you go. for news throughout evening, the latest is always on our website >> he went gangnam. ailable 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: everybody good? how y'all doing? how's everybody doing today? thank y'all for coming. yes, ma'am. thank you very much. thank you very much. hey welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve
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harvey. and you know what? we got another good one for you today. they are returning for the third day from dallas, georgia, it's the burns family. [cheering and applause] and from chicago, illinois, home of the bears, it's the ingram family. [cheering and applause] let's go. come on, sweet dorothy. come on, katy. ladies, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a husband asks his exhausted wife to do that makes her yell, "do it yourself." >> fix his meal. steve: fix his food. [cheering and applause] yes. pass or play? >> what are we gonna do? >> play! play! >> yeah, we playing, honey. yes, sir. steve: yeah, we playing. all right. >> whoo! whoo! steve: go over there. >> yes! >> whoo! holler!

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Kpix 11, California 9, San Francisco 6, Cbs 5, Baltimore 5, Us 5, Don Ford 3, Hawaii 3, Colin Kaepernick 2, Steve Harvey 2, San Jose 2, Joe Flaco 2, John Ramos 2, Flaco 2, Raiders 2, Navy 2, Oracle 2, Ken 2, Arco 2, Bet 2
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